Nutrition & Exercise

Pelvic Stabalisation

Lie on side with both knees bent.
Ensure top hip is pointing straight up towards ceiling.
Keep heels together.
Tighten through deep abdominals and squeeze buttocks together.
Slowly lift top knee way from bottom (only as high as the width of your fist).
Hold ____secs, Repeat____x.

Assume position as above.
Lift top foot away from bottom foot.
Keep leg in line with floor.
Hold ____secs, Perform____ repetitions.

Assume position as above.
Extend top knee and point foot towards ceiling.
Do not let top hip rotate forward or backwards.
Hold ____ secs, Perform____ repetitions.

Stand with heels together at a 45 degree angle.
Tighten through deep abdominals and buttocks.
Slowly bend through knees, making sure knees are tracking over 2nd toes.
Hold ____secs, Repeat ____X.

Stand with weight equally distributed over both feet.
Feet should be shoulder width apart.
Knee caps pointing straight ahead.
Tighten through deep abdominals and squeeze buttocks.
Shift weight to one foot and lift the other foot by bending at hip and knee.
While standing on one leg, make sure pelvis remains level.
Do not shift through trunk or let knee turn in.
Place ball against wall and R hip.
Slowly bend through R knee keeping pelvis level.
Make sure knee is tracking over 2nd toe and not pushing past foot.
Hold ____secs, Repeat____x.