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The clinic was established in 1983. It was taken over in 1993 by Neki Patel and it has been established at its current location since 2001.

The clinic is very patient-orientated with the emphasis being on your best possible care.

The integration of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage, Medicine, and a huge base of specialized referral sources is always used to aid our patients in the best way possible, and not only for treatment but for advice and QUICK referral.

The health team of the future will be one where all members of it take the trouble to understand, appreciate and, above all, respect each other’s special area of expertise. Each member will understand and appreciate his/her own limitations. There is no room for professional jealousy or arrogance, although we would hope that there would be room for professional pride in the overall standards of the team. Each member will be prepared to pool his/her expertise with that of the others for the benefit of the patient who is, after all, the main reason for the health team’s existence.

Our Team.

Chiropractor - Queenstown

Dr. Neki Patel

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Trained at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. Neki is one of only five chiropractors in New Zealand with ICCSP internationally certified chiropractic sports practitioner. Neki has worked with building a well rounded family orientated clinic. Neki uses chiropractic techniques not only to fix backs, but also to help improve patient’s range of movement and their levels of comfort with all joint and soft tissue injuries. He has worked on various high profile rugby players, worked with the Australasian PGA since 1998. He was the chiropractor for the New Zealand Commonwealth Games team to Manchester. He has treated various international ski teams and ice hockey teams. His main aim is the integration of treatment for the patient’s best possible benefit.

Five Mile Millbrook Queenstown

Charles Giudicelli

Charles completing his training in Osteopathy in the UK at the E.S.O in 2004, he worked in his own practice in UK for 3 years.

Following his English experience, Charles works for 5 winters in one of the biggest ski resorts in France “Les Arcs”, taking care of the ski school and other skiers.

Charles moved to New Zealand 11 years ago. He worked in Whangarei and Dunedin before to have the opportunity to move to the magnificent Queenstown with his wife and 2 children.

Before becoming an Osteopath, Charles was a Professional League player (in England with Bradford Bulls, in Australia with the Rabbithos, and France). While he was playing, he completed a Master’s in Strength and Conditioning.

When he stopped playing League, Osteopathy became his main passion. 

While he was a student at the European School of Osteopathy (E.S.O. Maidstone, Kent, UK) he was also mentored by some amazing very experienced practitioners such as Mr D. Triana for his science and approach osteopathic medicine, Mr P. Belgrave for his experience in structural as the inventor of one of the cervical manipulation, Mr S. Paoletti for his science and unique approach of the Fascia treatment and Mr J.P. Barral internationally known for the visceral and nerve manipulation.

From this heritage and training with them, Charles specializes to help patients with digestive issues, pain nerve release (neuralgia), fascia release in acute or chronic conditions.

Also, his interest in the arms and legs made him specialized in conditions relating to the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands also in hips, knees, ankles and feet.

Today, as an experienced practitioner of Osteopathy, he loves to offer his wide-ranging skills to help patients realize their full potential, as he believes that anybody should be able to exercise and live without limitation or pain.

In his free time, Charles enjoys being with his family, mountain biking, paddle boarding… and in winter being on ski !

Qualifications:  D.O. (UK), Mast. in Osteopathy & Mast. Strength and Conditioning.

Physiotherapist - Five Mile Millbrook Queenstown

Natalie Murphy

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Natalie came to New Zealand from the UK in January 2012. From her sporting background and interest in injuries, physiotherapy seemed a natural progression as a career.

She graduated at Brunel University, West London with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy. Natalie is currently working towards completing a postgraduate degree in Hand & Upper Limb Therapy. Upon graduating her physiotherapy career evolved in private practice and sports injury clinics, treating a varied caseload. This experience lead her to an interest in musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation, acute triage management, womens’ health, PRP and latest developments of Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.

Natalie uses a variety of hands on manual techniques including, McKenzie, Mulligan, neuro dynamic techniques, dry needling, trigger point myofascial tissue techniques, sports massage, spinal mobilisation and concussion management and Pilates.

Natalie was lead Physiotherapist and medical co-ordinator for the New Zealand Ice Blacks (New Zealand International Ice Hockey Men’s team), ensuring the athletes were at optimal performance level for their World Championships from 2014-2017. The locations she travelled with the team included Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Perth, Canada and Auckland – where the Ice Blacks earned a Silver Medal for NZ!

Alongside New Zealand’s international team, she was physiotherapist for the Southern Stampede Ice Hockey team, based in Queenstown 2012-2018.

Natalie has unique experience of working within various sporting capacities from league to international rugby, football & ice hockey teams in New Zealand, Melbourne and the UK. Experiences include working with elite teams, including the All Blacks (during their test matches in Dunedin), Hightlander, Irish Rugby Squad, Wallabies, Broncos and AFL teams.

After travelling New Zealand she fell in love with the outdoors lifestyle of New Zealand and is interested in all sports, including her passion for running.

Acupuncturist - Five Mile Queenstown

Nika Zhang

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Nika is from south of China and can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. She graduated from Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College in 2016, majoring in acupuncture and TuiNa. She attended Chenzhou City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital as an assistant acupuncturist during her final course to practice in the Acupuncture and TuiNa department.

After graduating from China, she came to New Zealand to continue her acupuncture studies and graduated at New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor of Science in Acupuncture and became an ACC treatment provider. Nika also worked as massage therapist part time.
The learning and clinic experience from both China and New Zealand gives her a deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Acupuncture is not only effective for treating pain-related diseases but can also help most internal health issues such as insomnia, digestive and gynecological problems. Nika’s treatment follows the theory of TCM, using needling, moxibustion, Tuina, cupping, and Guasha to seek the balance of the whole body and she will do her best for patients’ internal and external body health.
In her spare time, Nika likes swimming and hiking. She is looking forward to living in Queenstown with her friends and to enjoy the lifestyle here.

Massage Therapist - Queenstown

Emily Mills

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Emily graduated from St. Mary’s university in Twickenham, UK with a Bsc. (Hons) in Sport Rehabilitation. Going to university in Twickenham, the home of English rugby, enabled lots of opportunities during her study to work with semi professional and professional rugby teams including London Welsh & London Irish and The Fiji Rugby League Team.

Emily’s background in sport rehabilitation enables her to be more in depth as a massage therapist and she is able to carry out exercise prescription and sports taping. Her love for anatomy also allows very detailed and clinical massage.

Emily has been living in Queenstown for 3 and 1/2 years. She loves to hike up mountains in the summer and attempts to ski in winter however you might just find her at the bar instead!

Chiropractor - Five Mile Queenstown

Cole Mackie

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Cole Mackie is excited to return to Otago to serve the people of Queenstown. For as long as Cole can remember he has been passionate about health, wellbeing and helping people. Chronic headaches in high school forced Cole to seek out chiropractic care, and he fell in love with its holistic approach to health. Cole studied 2 years at Otago University before moving to Auckland to train at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Cole has been actively involved in sports his entire life. He played rugby for over a decade, including a season of Premier Rugby in Central Otago and has competed at an international level in karate, competing in Australia and Japan. Cole brings a wealth of knowledge in sports training and performance.
In his own time Cole enjoys working out in the gym, good food of any description, and good laughs. Cole also has a passion for Martial Arts, currently trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while also training in Kickboxing and MMA.

Cole’s approach to care is very hands on and he aims to give patients the best results possible to help them achieve their health goals.

Physiotherapist - Queenstown

Georgina Smallwood


Georgina came to New Zealand in 2021 from the UK after spending 9 years working within the NHS and private neurological practice. She graduated from Keele university in 2012 with a first class honours degree. From this Georgina has worked in sports injury outpatient settings, respiratory and orthopaedic rehabilitation which led her to specialise in neurological conditions with Georgina’s keen interest in sport this had led her to specialise in concussion and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and English football clubs in later years. Georgina combines her love of sports injuries with hands on technics, patients education and strength work to achieve patient centred goals.

Georgina loves mountain biking, trail running, CrossFit, hockey and surfing 

Admin - Queenstown

Ana Cano

Originally from Medellín, Colombia, Ana came to New Zealand on holiday several years ago but fell in love Queenstown and the outdoors lifestyle. She decided to stay.  Starting off in banking in Colombia, Ana easily transferred her skills to working in the tourism and hospitality sector, working her way up to managing her own department and getting NZ residency, before becoming an important part of the team at Queenstown Health. Ana loves CrossFit, mountain biking, hikes and running.   

Chiropractor - Five Mile Queenstown

Madison Hooper

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Hooper has graduated with a bachelors in Physiology from Oklahoma State University and a bachelor’s in Chiropractic from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. She is originally from the states and has lived in New Zealand for the past four years while studying Chiropractic. Hooper has traveled all over the world including Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America where she was absorbed in the culture and health care. She grew up with sport being a big part of her life, playing soccer since age 5 and continuing on to play for a high-level club team through high school. Hooper loved participating in Tough Mudder where she faced physical challenges and learned how to work together as a team to cross the finish line. Hooper has a special interest in the lifestyle of Queenstown including the sports, hiking and skiing. Having torn her ACL early in her chiropractic degree she has an inside experience as to the diligence it takes to adhere to a rehab program to achieve the best results. Hooper has always had a passion for helping others, especially when it comes to their performance. She is determined to help others achieve better function by restoring proper motion in the spine and extremities with adjustments and soft tissue care.

Admin - Queenstown

Jo O’Connor

Originally from Leicester, England, I worked within the Travel Industry in Reservations and Customer Care. I also spent 3 years working as a Tour Leader on board Cruise Ships – enjoying every minute of it, meeting people from all walks of life and all ages. I made the move to New Zealand after being swept off my feet by a Kiwi man and have now lived in Queenstown for 18 fantastic years. I have worked locally in the Hotel and the Tourism Trade as well as Childcare, while bringing up a family. I am now very pleased to be a part of the team at Queenstown Health, as I have a keen interest in health and wellbeing and I love to deliver great customer service. I am here to help you in any way possible.

Acupuncturist - Five Mile Queenstown

Akinori Hattori

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Akinori, originally from Japan, graduated from a Japanese vocational school of acupuncturist and moxibutionist in 2014. He has worked for several clinics as an acupuncturist, moxibutionist and massage therapist, and worked for some rugby teams as a medical staff including the amateur and club team and high school and junior high school rugby team. Also he worked as part time therapist at the Japanese pro rugby team.

He had worked for Queenstown Health 2018-2020. He went back to Japan 2020 and became a medical staff of a rugby team and leaned sports medicine including electrotherapy. At the same time, he studied more Japanese style of acupuncture such as scalp acupuncture and acupuncture techniques for mental health. After that, he decided to come back to beautiful Queenstown again.

He uses gentle touch and gentle needling, and my treatment is based on Oriental and Western medicine. He is good at treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. He approachesto the affected area as Western medicine, and also He approaches to the meridian lines of whole body as Oriental way.

He loves to watch the games of sports, especially rugby, and loves movies too. He is excited to be back to the beautiful nature of Queenstown.

Physiotherapist - Five Mile Queenstown

Conor McGuire


Conor is an Irish physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Liverpool with a first class honours degree. Since then he has worked in a variety of roles gaining experience across all areas of physiotherapy. Following his degree he worked within the health service in Liverpool, as well as with local and university Gaelic football teams. Most recently he spent 5 months in the French alps where he gained knowledge surrounding common skiing / snowboarding injuries and improved his soft tissue massage techniques maximising ski time for holiday makers. 

He has played a variety of sports growing up with his main interest being Gaelic football, which he has played at a provincial level while in the UK. As a travel lover with a keen interest in winter sports and sports related injuries, Conor is excited to join the team in Queenstown and explore what life here has to offer.

Physiotherapist - Five Mile Queenstown

Hannah Soulsby


Hannah completed her BSc physiotherapy degree at the University of Liverpool before starting work as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the UK. She has worked with a broad range of patients from acute fractures and soft tissue injuries to more chronic or long term ailments.

Her interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation started at a young age when she competed at national level as a gymnast whilst also competing within track and field, cross country and trampolining. Throughout university she took up netball and more gym based exercise. She has developed a special interest in sports injuries and high level rehabilitation due to both her clinical knowledge and exposure and, her previous sporting experience. 

Hannah focusses on patient centered care and strong communication with her patients to ensure they receive the treatment and results that they are looking for. She has traveled throughout Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australasia where she has exposed herself to the different cultures and takes that with her into her clinical practice. She is looking forward to immersing herself in the Queenstown community and learning more about the culture