Nutrition & Exercise

Basic Core

The deep corset muscle (transverse abdominus) works to stabilize and control movements occurring at each individual joint in your spine
The transverse abdominus (TA) is a thin, small muscle that wraps from your spine to the front of your abdominals….like a corset.

During an episode of low back pain, the TA loses activation and coordination which can result in further pain and higher rates of re-injury…therefore, it is necessary to initiate an early training program in order to reduce the risk of further injury

Contract your pelvic floor muscles (ie. Pretend to stop the urine midflow).

You can feel the muscle working if you put your hands just above the bony bits at the front of your hips…the contraction should be slow and gentle

Try to hold the contraction for ___ secs while you slowly breathe in and out.

Remember….keep breathing!! Practice as often as you can throughout the day while standing, sitting, bending, getting up from a chair and walking