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Nick Maher

Nick is a Wellington native with a unique journey into Physiotherapy. After embarking on a successful yet unfulfilling career in marketing, he decided to pursue his true passion in health. Helping people to lead more active and healthy lives. This lead Nick to Completing a BSHc in Physiotherapy at Auckland… Read More

Rion McKenna

Rion Grew up in the US, Ireland, and UK with experience in a variety of sports, running nationally at cross country and playing Gaelic football provincially. Being involved in sport and seeing the difference Physiotherapy can make is what influenced him to become qualified in the UK. While in England… Read More

Jingying Wu

Jingying graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Tuina of Chinese Medicine from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. During her undergraduate studies, she dedicated her extracurricular time to shadowing experienced clinicians, with a primary focus on endocrine and metabolic issues. Additionally, she gained practical experience as an assistant… Read More

Hannah Soulsby

Hannah completed her BSc physiotherapy degree at the University of Liverpool before starting work as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the UK. She has worked with a broad range of patients from acute fractures and soft tissue injuries to more chronic or long term ailments. Her interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation… Read More

Nataly Arias

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Nataly is a professional in Finance and International business. She has worked in Technology companies in Colombia, then challenged herself by coming to New Zealand five years ago. She wanted to live new experiences and learn. During this time she worked in the hospitality industry but it’s… Read More

Akinori Hattori

Akinori, originally from Japan, graduated from a Japanese vocational school of acupuncturist and moxibutionist in 2014. He has worked for several clinics as an acupuncturist, moxibutionist and massage therapist, and worked for some rugby teams as a medical staff including the amateur and club team and high school and junior high school rugby team. Also he worked as part time therapist at the Japanese… Read More

Madison Hooper

Hooper has graduated with a bachelors in Physiology from Oklahoma State University and a bachelor’s in Chiropractic from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. She is originally from the states and has lived in New Zealand for the past four years while studying Chiropractic. Hooper has traveled all over the… Read More

Cole Mackie

Cole Mackie is excited to return to Otago to serve the people of Queenstown. For as long as Cole can remember he has been passionate about health, wellbeing and helping people. Chronic headaches in high school forced Cole to seek out chiropractic care, and he fell in love with its… Read More